Development and delivery of time-sensitive training is critical to empowering your staff and students to make safe choices when faced with crisis situations. PBK-REDi’s team uses best practices, combined with decades of combined experience to create training that is most suitable for you. Our review, in partnership with your leadership and staff will help you fill in any gaps that may exist in your safety response and prevention plan.

Everyone on campus must have a role, be trained and have the power to initiate a lockdown or call first responders.
All teachers should have emergency communication capabilities and easy ways to lock doors such as key fobs that allow for remote door locking.
Practice is the key. Practice by students, teachers, office staff and all personnel on campus has prevented injury and saved lives at schools nationwide.
Lockdown is still one of the most effective tools in a campus emergency. Teachers must be empowered and have the capability to make lockdown decisions independently and immediately.
PBK-REDi will develop training that is District specific based on:

· A review of existing documentation of the District and School’s emergency training
· A staff survey to assess general knowledge and readiness
· Best practices for emergency preparedness training.