Integrated Technology

The use of up-to-date technology is a critical factor in designing safe and secure classrooms and campuses today. PBK-REDi is prepared to recommend the most effective technology to protect students and teachers. Consistent with the Rand study, ”Can Technology Make Schools Safer?”, there are 12 major areas of integrated technology that are vital to classroom and school safety. The 12 areas are listed below with a brief description of each.

Entry Control Equipment

Who gets on campus and how they get on campus is the first critical question that school and district leaders must ask. Access to teachers and students must be protected. PBK-REDi is prepared to work with school sites and districts to recommend customized entry control equipment to ensure safety on campuses and in offices.

Identification Technology

Companies throughout the world have now implemented systems that demand that anyone entering the premises have a scanned badge, or injury key card before gaining access to offices or campuses. PBK-REDi has researched scores of companies and some school districts that have implemented single or multiple entry to offices and campuses so that everyone must be identified before entering. Many have hired security officers or staff personnel to monitor the identity of everyone entering facilities. Solutions will most likely vary from campus to campus or office to office and PBK-REDi will recommend the best solution for your buildings and campuses.

Video Surveillance Technology

Video surveillance technology can be used to protect entryways and premises in several ways. Certainly monitoring entrances for individuals carrying weapons or unusual packages is level I of these technologies. However there are now many new technologies, such as facial recognition technologies, that can note an individual who may be angry or highly anxious entering a campus or an office. There are also now predictive technologies, based on facial recognition which can parallel the facial construct with potentials for violence. PBK-REDi has been studying these technologies for the past year and is prepared to recommend the most appropriate ones for your situation.

Communication Technology

Communication technology is obviously the technology most accessible to most teachers and school leaders, as well as central office officials. While we are very accustomed to dialing 911 in an emergency, using our landlines or cell phones, there are now many additional ways to protect our environments. Many schools throughout the nation have employed pushbutton technologies which serve as a panic button to alert the office, and or, the entire campus of a potential threat. PBK-REDi will recommend technologies beyond telephones or cell phones to be able to alert others of a potential danger.

Alarms and Protection Systems

Alarms and protection systems have been employed for many years to protect campuses, especially during times when buildings are not occupied.PBK-REDi will recommend best in class alarm and protection systems that have been successfully used throughout the nation to protect classrooms and schools.

Emergency Alerts

The vigilance of the campus demands that emergency alerts are active, are practiced, and that all individuals on a campus or in an office know how to trigger such alerts. We all grew up with the bell for the fire alarm, earthquake or disaster and practiced escape drills on a routine basis. The world has now changed and these traditional emergency alerts may suggest that students and teachers either lock doors and shelter in place, escape to a safer location or stay put and wait for further direction. .PBK-REDi recommends broad access to the ability to trigger such alerts, most recommended is by public address systems, accessible to all.

Metal detectors and x-ray machines

Everyone who attends a major sports event or passes through security at an airport, is well aware of metal detectors and x-ray machines. PBK-REDi has research the viability of such devices for schools and school district offices and will advise our clients as to the most reasonable way to implement these technologies.

Anonymous tip lines

Quite often the students or employees of a school organization recognize a potential threat in an individual’s behavior or remarks and comments that they have made. It is critical that every school organization have an anonymous tip line so that students and employees feel comfortable reporting a suspicion or observation that they have noted in a fellow student, or a fellow employee.

Tracking systems

After conducting an assessment, PBK-REDi will recommend tracking systems for students or employees who have demonstrated a penchant for misconduct that could harm others. Staying within HIPPA guidelines, to ensure the privacy of all involved, school employees will receive a set of strategies and recommendations that protect the school and district, but enable either the authorities or district employees to track suspicious or potentially dangerous behavior.

Violence Prediction Technology

PBK-REDi has met with leading violence technology prediction companies. This technology may take the form of tracking systems, camera systems, facial recognition technologies, observation by teachers, playground supervisors or community members. Much of the violence that has occurred on school campuses throughout the nation took place by individuals who had let others know of their violent intent before they took action.

Social Media Monitoring

PBK-REDi has partnered with a leading social media monitoring company, Social Sentinel, in order to provide timely predicting information to school and law enforcement personnel. In the vast majority of violent acts against schools and school children, there was a footprint left on social media which, if discovered and monitored, had the potential of preventing such violence.
PBK-REDi is a national leader in the use of the strategies and techniques provided by Social Sentinel, and we believe that this technology will save lives and injuries in schools throughout the nation.

Maps of Schools/Bus Routes

It is critical that schools have available critical information such as maps of schools and bus routes so that first responders and authorities have knowledge of the geography of a school, campus, or designated transportation route. PBK-REDi has experienced personnel who have worked with numerous districts in designing such maps and routes. This information, along with other key information regarding safety and security must be readily available to authorities or first responders within minutes.


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