Facilities Vulnerability Assessments

PBK-REDi will engage its multi-faceted team of safety/security, architectural/design, and education specialists to prepare a comprehensive Rapid Scan Vulnerability Assessment (RSVA) report. This report will be custom-developed through inspections at each site to document and inventory conditions and opportunities for improvements. Specifically, the RSVA will:
a. Determine facility weaknesses related to:
i. threats from hostile outsiders,
ii. life safety issues of ingress/egress,
iii. lockdown/shelter-in-place conditions, and
iv. evacuation readiness.
b. Recommend mitigation strategies using structural, technological, and equipment enhancements.


Strategic fencing is in place to protect the campus and offices from intruders.


The number of entrances onto a campus or office building and ensure that the fewest entries feasible are in place in order to monitor all entrances.


Appropriate signage is in place directing visitors to campus is clearly posted and that such signage indicates that only visitors that have school business to conduct are allowed to enter. The signage should also state clearly that unauthorized use is strictly prohibited.


Exterior lighting to make sure that strategic points on the property parameter are well illuminated so that unlawful entry or criminal activity can be more easily tracked.


The amount of debris, trees and shrubs are blocking line of sight throughout the property


Systems to limit public parking in school parking lots through a parking permit or a video surveillance system which is monitored periodically to ensure that only authorized individuals are able to avail themselves to the parking lot.


All perimeter doors ensuring that office and classroom doors are locked, as appropriate, and that students and teachers may exit buildings but may not enter them without key or entry device access.


The main entry door(s) are visually monitored by staff members or volunteers at all times during the school day.


All perimeter areas have a bullet-resistant glasS, translucent or frosted glass


All video surveillance systems to ensure that all areas are covered, that the system has remote access and recording capability, and that device, power supplies, etc. are placed in a secure location such as a locked closet.


All classroom and office doors to make sure that all doors can be locked from the inside, and preferably using a remote deadbolt or similar locking system.


Barriers are installed to stop vehicles from driving onto walkways, onto campus, or into buildings.


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