PBK-REDi reviews Emergency Operations Plans (EOP) to assess practical usability in case of an emergency. PBK-REDi uses tools designed by the U.S. Department of Education and California Office of Emergency Services (OES) to ensure that the content, form, and function of an EOP conform to federal guidelines and best practices and provide staff a framework for how to prevent, prepare, respond to, and recover from an emergency. In addition to a written report with recommendations, PBK-REDi’s team of emergency operations experts is available to work with districts to create enhancements to strengthen and refine their EOP.

Emergency Operations Plans should be reviewed regularly to ensure they are updated to include changes in facilities, personnel, contact information, and policies/procedures.

In order to be effective implementing an Emergency Operations Plan, District staff should train and drill on the plan so they are knowledgeable and practiced in the event they have to activate the plan.

Comprehensive Emergency Operations Plans include details on expected roles and responsibilities of stakeholders beyond the District. This could include the County Office of Education, local police/fire departments, and media outlets.

A District’s Emergency Operations Plan should be readily available to everyone who has a role in its implementation. This might mean having hard copies stored securely at every key facility, as well as an electronic version secured online.