evidence-based best practices

We provide our district partners with a comprehensive
and holistic approach to school safety and
security by creating a unique approach
to each district's needs.

Facilities Vulnerability Assessments

Our team of experts determines what preventative technologies and/or redesign of existing spaces could be incorporated to reduce the probability of violence on your campus. We work hand-in-hand with district leadership to ensure those recommendations are properly aligned with your district’s schedule and budget parameters.

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Staff and Student Training

Development and delivery of time-sensitive training is critical to empowering your staff and students to make safe choices when faced with crisis situations. PBK-REDi’s team uses best practices, combined with decades of combined experience to create training that is most suitable for you.

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Board Policies, Administrative Regulations & Community Engagement

PBK-REDi’s team of experts specialize in crafting board policies that enhance the safety of inhabitants based on the unique physical, structural, landscape, climate, and personnel characteristics of each campus. Our primary goal mirrors yours - to make sure your campus end-users feel safe at school.

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Emergency Operations Plans

PBK-REDi reviews Emergency Operations Plans (EOP) to assess practical usability in case of an emergency. PBK-REDi uses tools designed by the U.S. Department of Education and California Office of Emergency Services (OES) to ensure that the content, form, and function of an EOP conform to federal guidelines and best practices and provide staff a framework for how to prevent, prepare, respond to, and recover from an emergency. In addition to a written report with recommendations, PBK-REDi’s team of emergency operations experts is available to work with districts to create enhancements to strengthen and refine their EOP.

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